Who can I vote for on June 8?

It’s election time again! If you’re the type of person who watches the Daily Politics show every day, or if you couldn’t even name the current Prime Minister, it doesn’t matter – because whatever your political knowledge is, or whichever side of the political fence you may sit – we all have the same equal say when it comes down to your vote on June 8.

This election has been a little different than those in the past, as the main parties have focused their campaigns on their leaders, rather than their parties – this is especially true of the Conservatives, who have all but forgotten to mention their party name, and gone with ‘Theresa May’s Team’.

But, you shouldn’t expect to see Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron and Theresa May’s names on your ballot paper when you vote. Unlike the US where voters vote for who they want to be president, in the UK you vote for your local MP – someone who will represent your constituency in parliament. The next Prime Minister is then decided by how many constituencies voted for a particular party.

Twickenham, the constinuency which Hampton falls into, will have three candidates this time around to choose from;

Liberal Democrat – Vince Cable
Labour – Katherine Dunne
Conservative – Tania Mathias

*Candidates listed alphabetically by surname

You can find out more about each candidate on their personal websites by following the links above.

If you were hoping to vote for another party, such as the Green Party or UKIP, you’ll have to place your vote for another party or abstain – as neither, nor any independents, have nominated a candidate for this election in Twickenham.

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