Royal Mail confirms move of Hampton Delivery Office to Ashford

Royal Mail has confirmed it is to relocate its delivery operations in Hampton to their office in Ashford. Royal Mail say that this follows detailed consideration of the options and discussions with the Communication Workers Union  (CWU) and staff in both offices. The move is expected to take place in March 2019, and the exact date will be confirmed nearer the time.

The news will come as a massive blow to local residents, over 3000 of whom have so far signed our petition to try to keep the local delivery office in Hampton.

In response to community feedback, a spokesperson for Royal Mail said;

Whilst we welcome and have listened to feedback from customers, we need to modernise our operations and provide better and fit for purpose facilities for our customers and our people.

The new location, at Ashford delivery office, Feltham Hill Road TW15, will see it’s opening times increased to Sundays and until 8pm on Wednesdays.

We have explored options for retaining a mail collection facility in Hampton using nearby Post Office branches but they do not meet our requirements for safeguarding mail integrity, nor have sufficient space to securely store mail awaiting collection.

Royal Mail have also said that there will be no job losses resulting in the move, and deliveries within Hampton will not be affected. Postmen and women who work in Hampton delivery office will continue to serve the local community.

This is part of Royal Mail’s ongoing transformation of its business to increase the efficiency of its operation as well as providing delivery offices that are fit for purpose for our staff and for our customers. Hampton delivery office is a small building built in 1960 and according to Royal Mail, no longer meets their operational requirements.



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