Petition to overturn Royal Parks’ cycling ban launches


In the spring of 2016, Royal Parks’ management erected signs at each end of the Duke’s Head Passage prohibiting cyclists from cycling along the path. Anyone now caught doing so could be given a £60 fine.

Surprised and shocked residents quickly voiced their dismay at the action and have now launched an online campaign to overturn the decision.

A Freedom of Information request has also shown that the overwhelming majority of correspondence sent to Royal Parks regarding the ban, is from local residents strongly opposing the change.

The petition states;

The Duke’s Head Passage is a vital 500-metre long access  pathway from Hampton Village into Bushy Park. For over 50 years, the path has been peacefully enjoyed as a ‘dual-use’ shared path by both walkers and cyclists entering Bushy Park or crossing the park to reach Teddington, Kingston or Hampton Court. Importantly, it is also the safest route. The alternative is for cyclists to divert, around the park, along busy local roads, including the A308, which has no provision for cyclists.

Crucially, no formal consultation has ever taken place between Royal Parks’ management and the local community of users. The decision is ill-informed, poorly-judged and undemocratic.

View and sign the petition

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