New R68 and R70 buses take to the road

Here’s the first glimpse of the new bus fleet which will be replacing the aging vehicles on the R70 route from Hampton to Richmond this summer.

First reported last autumn, these new buses will start becoming a common feature on the route, and are expected to entirely replace the existing fleet by the end of June. With a couple of extra seats, and retaining the familiar double doors, the buses should have a bit more space for rush hour passengers.

Sadly the buses aren’t hybrids like the new 285 buses, nor are they electric as some other areas of London are seeing, however they are more fuel efficient and meet the latest Euro 6 diesel emissions standards – a much welcome improvement on the current fleet which can see buses up to 14 years old on the route.

The new bus fleet comes as Abellio won the contract to continue running the R70 route. The frequency and structure of the service will remain the same, however, it is hoped that the recent improvement works and the upcoming introduction of a 20mph speed limit to Hampton Hill High Street will help with the flow of buses and in turn, reduce overcrowding during peak times. There are also plans to review the roundabout at Broad Lane and Uxbridge Road to see whether any improvement works can be carried out to further improve traffic flow in the future.

Update: 20 June – Route R68 will also get the new buses, and they will be phased onto both routes from 24th June

Have you ridden on one of the new buses? Let us know your experiences below!

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