Local election manifestos

With only a week to go before the local council elections on 3 May, below you can find the manifestos of the three main parties campaigning for your votes, and what they plan to do in our community over the next four years if elected.

Conservative manifesto 2018

Paul Hodgins, Leader of Richmond Council, said:

“As we show with the launch of our manifesto for the next four years, we have an equally ambitious agenda going forward to make the Best Borough in London even better.”

Labour manifesto 2018

Cllr Jennifer Churchill, Leader of the Labour Group said:

“This manifesto clearly articulates the ambitions of the Labour party for Twickenham and Richmond. It is based on comprehensive local knowledge and shaped into workable, realistic policy proposals for a fairer borough for everyone.”

Liberal Democrat manifesto 2018

Cllr Gareth Roberts, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group said:

“If we take control of Richmond Borough on 3rd May 2018 we will strive to make sure that Richmond is the greenest, safest and fairest borough in London.”

Parties listed in alphabetical order.

See a full list of candidates running for election in Hampton and Hampton North.

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