Liberal Democrat gains in Hampton and Hampton North

The results are in for our local wards and the Liberal Democrats have gained a seat from the Conservatives in both the Hampton and Hampton North wards.

On a night which saw the Lib Dem Party gain 24 seats, and the Green Party gain 4 seats from the Conservatives in the borough as a whole, turnout was higher in both of our local wards compared to the local elections in 2014.

In the Hampton ward, the Lib Dems had a comfortable win over their nearest rivals with Conservative Tim Rosser coming in fourth, and receiving just under 600 fewer votes than third place.

Hampton North saw a much closer fight, with only 47 votes between Avril Coelho (LD) who came first, to fourth place Martin Seymour (CON).

Full results for our wards are;


ROBERTS, Gareth Liberal Democrat Party 2464 20.11% Elected
NICHOLSON, Suzette Liberal Democrat Party 2442 19.93% Elected
THOMASON, Geraint Liberal Democrat Party 2107 17.20% Elected
ROSSER, Tim Conservative Party 1513 12.35% Not elected
SALE, Petra Dawn Conservative Party 1511 12.33% Not elected
SLINN, Jon Conservative Party 1421 11.60% Not elected
BOLLEN, Bob Labour Party 316 2.58% Not elected
MILLS, Margaret Mary Theresa Labour Party 258 2.11% Not elected
FAWCETT, Christopher Stephen Labour Party 218 1.78% Not elected

Hampton North

COELHO, Avril Liberal Democrat Party 1373 15.04% Elected
SAMUEL, Geoffrey James Conservative Party 1372 15.03% Elected
HOWARD, Kate Conservative Party 1337 14.65% Elected
SEYMOUR, Martin John Conservative Party 1326 14.53% Not elected
ELLOY, Jerry Liberal Democrat Party 1237 13.55% Not elected
MEMBERY, York Liberal Democrat Party 1125 12.32% Not elected
DRISCOLL, Cathy Labour Party 467 5.12% Not elected
GILL, Harpreet Kaur Labour Party 429 4.70% Not elected
MOSHI, Philip Labour Party 356 3.90% Not elected
RODWELL, Paul David United Kingdom Independence Party 107 1.17% Not elected

Find full information on the Richmond Council website.

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