Leader slams decision to close Hampton Delivery office

The Leader of Richmond Council has slammed Royal Mail’s decision to close Hampton Delivery Office, forcing residents to trek four miles to pick up their post.

Following an announcement this week that the Hampton Delivery Office will relocate to Ashford, Cllr Gareth Roberts has said he finds the Royal Mail’s decision ‘wholly unacceptable’ and will continue to fight the decision.

Royal Mail claim that the move is vital as the current site is too small.

Earlier this year, Cllr Roberts met with Royal Mail to discuss their early plans and consider whether an alternative local site could be found, this was followed up with further discussions last week where he outlined the planning constraints should they be minded to dispose of the site. They have now decided that the move to Ashford and subsequent closure of Hampton is to go ahead.

Responding to this announcement, Cllr Roberts, said:

“Moving the sorting office to Ashford is an outrageous decision. Anyone who has tried getting from Hampton to Ashford via public transport knows it takes nearly an hour and more than one train or bus. It isn’t fair and simply beggars belief that a more suitable, local alternative couldn’t be found.

“We should also not lose sight of the massive impact this will have on the staff employed at the delivery office, many of whom live in the Hampton area, who will now be forced to travel each day to and from Ashford simply to reach their place of work.

“I fear Royal Mail have given up on this site far too early particularly given that they have completely failed to engage in any meaningful consultation with the Hampton community. Simply acknowledging the existence of a petition is not good enough.’

“I therefore encourage the Royal Mail, even at this late stage to reconsider this bad decision.  I would also encourage local residents to continue signing the petition which can be found at change.org to show the Royal Mail that Hampton isn’t taking this laying down.

“This fight isn’t over yet. I very much hope that the Royal Mail will yet see reason but I accept that is a long shot.”

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