Hampton consultation: Priory Road East and Surroundings

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (LBRuT) wants residents and businesses to help with improving the Hampton Village area. This includes helping to shape village planning guidance that the Council will consider when deciding on planning applications, both for new development and changes to existing buildings.

The Vision is to bring together the different areas of Hampton as a vibrant, caring community with facilities to meet local needs. The characteristic local urban scale, and rural feel within its parks, green spaces and riverside, will be retained and there will be a more diverse range of shopping and high quality local schools to reinforce Hampton as a vibrant community within the Borough.

Over the next few weeks, we will publish a series of posts looking at the main development threats and opportunities identified in the document for each area of Hampton.

Priory Road East and Surroundings is in the centre of Hampton. It is bounded by Old Farm Road and part of Acacia Road to the north, Wensleydale Road and Nightingale Road to the east and Percy Road and Oak Avenue to the west, stretching down to Upper Sunbury Road (A308). This area includes Hampton Railway Station, around which there is a tighter urban grain. Percy Road is the main north to south route through the area where Hampton Junior School, built in the Queen Anne Revival style, is the focal point along this road.

Threats from Development

  • Replacement of historic windows and doors with those of modern materials (uPVC) or designs that do not follow the original glazing pattern and opening style. e.g. modern windows with thick glazing bars on the late-nineteenth century houses on Nightingale Road
  • Mix of paving surface materials detract from well-maintained and presented houses
  • Removal of front garden boundaries and replacement with different design/material (often to provide vehicular parking). This undermines the quiet residential character of the area and regularity of the terraces, and results in a loss of decorative detail.


  • Preserve the character and appearance of:
    • Late nineteenth century houses at the southern end of Nightingale Road
    • The four large houses on Priory Road, between Percy Road and Chestnut Avenue
  • Maintain and enhance small parades of shops
  • Improve paving and pedestrian safety and circulation around the parades of shops on Station Approach, the end of Mitton Road and the end of Wensleydale Road
  • The development of Crossrail 2 will provide additional opportunities to appropriately enhance features in and around Hampton Station.

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