Hampton consultation: Gloucester Road and the Ormonds

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (LBRuT) wants residents and businesses to help with improving the Hampton Village area. This includes helping to shape village planning guidance that the Council will consider when deciding on planning applications, both for new development and changes to existing buildings.

The Vision is to bring together the different areas of Hampton as a vibrant, caring community with facilities to meet local needs. The characteristic local urban scale, and rural feel within its parks, green spaces and riverside, will be retained and there will be a more diverse range of shopping and high quality local schools to reinforce Hampton as a vibrant community within the Borough.

Over the next few weeks, we will publish a series of posts looking at the main development threats and opportunities identified in the document for each area of Hampton.

Gloucester Road and the Ormonds comprises two long, curving streets that follow the railway, Gloucester Road and Ormond Drive, and a series of shorter streets connected to them. The housing is mainly interwar, with much variation in design but many common features for example, the roofs are almost entirely formed of clay tiles. An important feature is Carlisle Park, which is poorly connected to the surrounding streets despite its considerable size; there are several entrances, including from Wensleydale Road and Carlisle Road.

Threats from Development

  • Replacement of historic windows and doors with those of modern materials (uPVC) or designs that do not follow the original glazing pattern and opening style
  • Removal of front garden boundaries and replacement with different design/material (often to provide vehicular parking). This undermines the residential character of the area and regularity of the terraces, and results in a loss of decorative detail
  • Roof lights on front roof slopes which interrupt the regularity of the terraces


  • Maintain and improve front gardens
  • This character area retains the characteristic interwar feature of pavements incorporating green verges and there are opportunities to replace this where it has been lost (e.g. Gloucester Road, Ormond Drive and Ormond Crescent)

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