Community rally together to petition Royal Mail

A week after Royal Mail announced that they were exploring options to close Hampton’s local Royal Mail Delivery Office, the local community have rallied together to oppose the plans.

If Royal Mail’s move goes ahead, local residents will have to travel over 4 miles to Ashford to collect their mail, which has relatively poor transport links with the area.

Our petition, created to help give our community a single, unified voice in the campaign received over 700 signatures in the first 24 hours, and at the time of writing, is now standing at over 1,800.

Local Councillor Gareth Roberts, also took to the streets on Monday morning (pictured) to raise awareness of the campaign and gather support from commuters and residents around Hampton Station.

We’d love to thank everyone so far for helping spread the word about the petition, both online and through word of mouth, the support and reaction from the local community has been absolutely fantastic, and really shows what we can achieve if we work together.

Local resident’s reasons for supporting the campaign have included the poor transport links with Ashford, concerns for older and less able residents, and the fear of it harming the local community and village.

“It’s the lack of provision of access to the alternative delivery office, with poor public transport links and congested traffic between Hampton and Ashford that will have a big impact on Hampton residents. The area has an aged population that this will impact most. Hampton delivery office staff are helpful, friendly and provide an efficient service.” – John Warton

“Keep Our community alive, losing it, is losing a service. No services and that is the end of our village, our town.” – Line Wheeler

“It was bad enough closing the Twickenham Sorting Office. To close the one in Hampton is just adding insult to injury. Simple really, don’t don’t do it. I lived in Hampton for a while and made regular use of the sorting office” – Martin Gilbert

Make sure you have signed the petition, and spread the word to help us get as much support as possible.

Photo courtesy of Gareth Roberts

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